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Taking B2B lead generation to the next level.

More results, outstanding accuracy.

Let AI take your business to higher grounds

By analyzing your existing customers and prospects, finds B2B lookalikes automatically. 

By combining Natural Language Processing, domain-specific libraries and Deep Learning AI algorithms, the data gathered by is more accurate and better matching precision.

A highly effective, result driven multi-geography and multi-language solution to meet your B2B demand generation needs.

New Sales
Geographies helps you locate highly targeted leads all across the globe in with its ability to search new

geographies and languages.

Competitor Mapping and Prospects Data

Profit from insights like actual prospect's supplier data and easily keep track your competitor mapping. 

Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence

Combining Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence algorithms, the results delivered are of excellent accuracy.

Intuitive Customer Experience

The leads harvested by are presented in an ux intuitive customer portal and can be seamlessly be integrated into your own CRM.

Better Accuracy.
Higher Reliability. combines AI science and the latest B2B lead discovery developments to deliver more leads with better accuracy and higher reliability than ever before. Account-Based Marketing is a crucial element. Identifying B2B leads is the essential first step in the ABM process before addressing and converting leads into paying customers. 


What differentiates this approach from traditional marketing? In a traditional marketing approach, potential leads need to be attracted through campaigns, whereas ABM starts already with qualified target lists. The advantage is yours.


The idea was born when Hans Nissens, the founder of, was searching for an automated solution to provide highly targeted, qualified B2B leads. SDR's manual search for new and highly targeted prospects in new geographical markets is highly time-consuming and error-prone. The solutions available online didn't answer his demands, especially in terms of accuracy and reliability. With his background in engineering and executive MBA, he decided to develop the solution himself. was born. A B2B lead generation platform powered by AI and embracing ABM. The next-level lead generation to accelerate your sales. 


You no longer have to spend time defining search criteria; all you have to do is feed with a list of your ideal customers and prospects. Based on an automatic analysis of firmographics of these customers and prospects, uses these insights to search for your ideal target accounts in existing geographies, new geographies and even in other languages. This process can be defined as B2B Lookalikes, an innovative, highly effective and result-driven new approach to B2B lead generation. 


+ 250%

Better Accuracy delivers more accurate results

by combining the latest technologies

x 3

Increased Results

Increased results and faster delivery of your targeted prospect data

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your Lead Generation
to the next level?

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